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hello hello 

yes hi i’m amber aka altlivias do you remember me

probably not

i just wanted to wish you all a belated merry christmas and a happy new year!

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We love to snuggle. Don’t we honey?
The Proposal (2009)


"why are you on hiatus crying"

idk idk i’m a horrible person and i went away for 10 days basically without internet but i know that doesn’t excuse me because i basically abandoned this blog months ago but aaahh yes i’m horrible and i miss you all and i apologize.


six strangers with nothing in common but having to share their saturday at beacon hills highschool in detention. with orders from the outlandish assistant principal finstock that they are not allowed to move, talk or sleep for the entire and everything will be cream cheese.  leaving the teenagers unsupervised mostly for the duration of their stay. the kids develop ways to pass the time and as the hours pass between the group. they gradually start to open up to each other. from allison and stiles being ashamed about being virgins to derek being an orphan after his entire family was burned to death to lydia unexplained disappearance and how she thinks it could be related to wolves, maybe, to jackson not feeling good enough for his foster parents and scott feeling like he can’t handle everything on his plate. these things bond them together but they worry, will they be friends after today?

“why wouldn’t you want me to know you’re a virgin?”
“because it’s my business, my personal business, derek.”
“well, stiles, it doesn’t sound like you’re getting any business.”

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Joss Whedon ft. The Avengers